Photos of Faires Past
Ask and ye shall receive...

I have dug up but a small section of photos from years past.  Some I know the year that they were snapped, some I am unsure of.  If anyone can name persons or can help, it is appreciated!!!
For your viewing pleasure (and the fond memories they bring)...
Jean-Marguerite and Joseph, original costumes (red) and second set(black), Cast, 1986.  Costumes designed by Leah (Shlei Original Art) and executed by Leah & mom Betty Posey. 

Leah as Marquerite and Tom Seay 3 as Joseph.

In loving memory of Tom Seay
(Tom, I was told you have passed away.  I miss you terribly, on whichever plain of existance you are.)
There are other horrific photos of Marguerite lurking about.  They will slowly be gathered and scanned in to be put on display here (how Marga HATES her own photo!!! Do you see the sacrifices one goes through for friends???)
Obviously near the original Royal Kitchens (in the Pecan Grove) the Royal Feast.  Each weekend one set of foreign nobility were seated as guests.  This was French (horrifically called Frogs to our faces) weekend.  Far right, seated in pink - Rene, standing being her in mob cap, JM's maidservant Elise, Seated in black with black/god headpiece, Jean-Marguerite, Josepdh (white shirt), Standing behind him Chris Clark (Yellow streak down his back - not its GREEN!) With hands to neck Susan O'Gorman as Marie duGuis, With back to camera Keith Nerad as Cranmer, just cut off by his left arm, seated with large headpiece Marilyn Marzella as the Queen, just over his right shoulder, standing in white had Charles Brandon, Seated with straw hat "Ducky" the mad Dutchess, arms outspread in mundanes my dad Mike Posey, seated behind him with red beard Seamus, one of the co-directors, and I cannot remember her name but in green back to the camera one of the other directors.  We had "Raggedy Ann" guardsmen - not quite Beefeaters - one can be seen on far right.   The gag behind this photo:  (Story! Story!)

The King would pull in someone from the audience (as is usual at most shows at the Faire) and ask them to so some bit for a morsel from the table.  We set-up everyone by going to Cranmer ahead of time and telling him to pick Dad when the King wanted the prayer done by an audience member.  (Mom and Dad both have acted and used to be in the opera).  Dad acted like Joe Patron, confused, oh, okay, um, er:
In nomine, et fili, et spiritu santi (everyone crossing themselves) er,
Good Food, Good Meat, Good King, LET'S EAT! "  To guffaws of laughter.  The King says - Good gentle, choose you some morsel from the table as your reward.  Whereupon Dad starts looking at the various "Ladies" behind the table - one of whom was Latimer's lady, Eleanor "anything for money" Montague.  The King sees this and waves "ON the table, ON the table" - pointing at turkey legs and such.  The cast and audience alike loved it!!!!
from 1986 - Father Dmitri (Dan Bates) - Princess Mary Tudor (Christine  - don't remember last name), and Earl of Lennox (Bruce Standlee).   Right - JM (leah), Elise du Poschet, her maidservant (Elisa Moore) and Lennox (then Leah's fiance). (No clan-kilt jokes.  The Dry cleaner didn't reblock and we went round and round on that!!!)
Years on these are unknown, possibly 1987, or mayhap some from 88 and 89. 
Anyone recognize this shady character?  From 87 or 88 or so - his first Court Costume... Yes, it's PENZ!!!
Unknown lad on the stone garden wall, possibly 1988, or 1989.  (Or later, but before 1996)>  Note the EMPTY CROWN Meadow (facng toward the Sheepherding stage) behind, and the partial wall where now stands the Scottish Cottage.
My Mama' has just brought a photo of JM in the Crown first year, I will add it soon...
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