Cecily Coleman-Ashcraft
Aka Lady Ellen, Mistress of the Queen's Bath, aka Grizabella the Pirate, Friend and Confidant.

A great lady has left the Faire.  Perhaps she was answering a casting call elsewhere.  Those who knew her wish she could have spent more time with us, that she should not have left so abruptly, but time is ever fleeting, and none of us may know when our roles are done.  We must all make our exits, whether quietly slipping behind the curtain, or standingcenter stage as the lights fade.

But even as the curtains fall, the bright lights dim, we should not let sadness and tears marr the performance. When you think of her, think of her smile - see how she's always smiling in her photos.  Think of the funny times, when as Griz the pirate, she'd stick out her tongue and make funny faces.  Think of the giggles she provoked in all with her puppet Lambie.  How she even managed to teach Lambie to dance Spangnoletto in the meadow.

Remember her lovely face, the joy she took in wearing the colors of Scotland.  Think of the fluttering feathers on that great hat.

Then remember that instead of being dragged down by sorrow, she has taken flight, lifting on the wind.  Watch a bird go by, see the colors of her dress in the evening sky, the twinkle of her eye as the stars begin to gleam.  One of those stars is Cecily, looking down.  Wipe away the tears, smile, and go live your life to the fullest.  She'd want you to.  

See you all at Faire,

Capt. Marga

Dec 28, 1967-Jan10, 2007

(C) Photo on the Run
Cecily has Lambie the puppet dance Spangnoletto with Sami - with such skill he even turned the right way in the dance...
We love you, Cecily.