Mary Rose

A "Chilean Rose Hair"  or Grammostola rosea
Looks like a scene from a movie... Crickets flattened against wall...

"Don't breathe, Stan!  It's still there!!!"

"I know you are around the corner, if I can just bend my arms... I'll get you yet!"
A nice big girl with over a five-inch legspan. 

As for her story:   In the midst of researching every kind and color of tarantula for my collection, I stop at the local Petco, which seems to be one of the few places around that carry Ts.  A few weeks ago, they had none, this week, there is this big fat girl on display, on woodchips (unfortunately). I asked if the big T was female.  The guy at the counter blanches, fumbles, and points to another guy.  "Ask him".  Second guy turns white, steps back, points and says, "ask her". 

The gal says yes, all the Ts they get are supposed to be female.  I asked if anyone had ventrally sexed it.  If they could pick it up, I'd look.  Both guys step even further back.  So no one can pick up the T, and they finally ask if I want to come try.  I end up pinching picking her, then putting her in a betta cup.  Then in a Kritter Keeper on top of that, since the guy at the register would let me set the cup on the counter... 

Welcome home, big girl!
Freshly molted in the spring.  Lovely T!