Baby OBTs
P. murienus, Orange Baboon Tarantulas
Or, as they are called in the hobby, Orange Bitey Things.  A rather aggressive Old World Tarantula.

Well, when Roaddog said he'd send me 2nd instar slings... I guess I was expecting just a tad bit larger...

The habitats I had ready were too big.  FAR too big.  So the babies are in jars, for now.

And yes, they really mature to be bright pumpkin orange.  See Flibberty on a later page  (Craigslist babies).
All four new arrivals in their shipping cup.  Beside that is a standard baby-food jar lid.  You can see three of the babies on the edge of the deli cup.  Number 4, Holy Hell, was lurking down in the packing.
Tangerine Dream, who is the only one who spends any time out in the open.
Yes, those little specks are the baby Ts.
And then there were six....
Jump forward now to April, 2011.  I lost one of the babies in the freeze in February.  Just too close to molting, and it did not survive.  The OTHERS, however, are growing like weeds.  They are crazy webbers, and eat like fiends.  Dream, the largest (and probably a male) is well over 2" diagonal Leg Span.  (This means measuring from the tip of leg one on one side to the tip of leg four on the other - ie, L1 to R4.) Those are 3.5" x 3.5" acrylic cubes for their housing.