Meet Princess Winnifred!

DOB 4-20-05
Yes, we know, what a strange name!  But many of our animals are names after characters in Musicals, and Princess Winnifred is the lead role (originally played on Broadway by Carole Burnett) from "Once Upon A Mattress"!  It matches this gal - who at first we though was a boy...But no, she's all girl, and black from head to toe.  Her dad is B&L Farms Joe, a 61 1/2" black w/cross Mammoth jack, and her dam is our Percheron mare, WSF Empress Molly Rose.

"Fred" will be for sale at weaning.  She is imprinted and will be halter trained as she grows!

(and yes, Molly Rose stiffed us all again and DID not have any classic foaling signs). 
Leah, Fred and Molly Rose
Princess Winnifred, about 2 hours old.
Molly Rose and Princess Winnifred go off for some quality time together.
Princess Winnifred - 4 hours old.
Fred at three weeks old in the photos below.  (May 11, 2005)  Goodness - a DRAFT MULE!
Look!  It's the Breyer scratching foal!

Her black color has softened somewhat to what is more normal in a horse foal (but not unusual for a mule foal) and she now shows clearly the cross and stripe we suspected she carried on the first day.  She'll shed out black with a very faint cross when she's older.
Where has the time gone?  Can you believe that Fred is TWO YEARS OLD???