ACEOs : Gallery of Horses  I
Thank you to my buyers who have continued to purchase ACEOs, and to everyone who has supported my art!  These galleries represent only a small fraction of the nearly 600 cards painted.

What are ACEOs?  They are tiny works of art - 2.5 x 3.5"  - the size of a standard baseball card, by living artists.  .  They can be any medium - mine are usually original watercolors. I try to capture the spirit of the horse - if people want art that looks like a photo, photo artists are available.  Prints (the "E" for Editions) are also allowed.  Look for ACEOs on ebay - a wonderful and inexpensive way to collect unique, original art!      ACEO - Art Cards, Editions and Originals.
RenaissanceGray (SOLD)
Blagdoncob (SOLD)
GoldPinto (SOLD)
Bald Face filly (SOLD)                                    Bay Hackney pony (SOLD)
Norwegian Fjord (SOLD)
British pony (SOLD)
Colors of the SW 10 (SOLD)
Gallop Ch. Arab (SOLD)
Bay Arab colt (SOLD)          Baby Frame/Splash (SOLD)
Turkomene horse (SOLD)           Fjord2 (SOLD)
Nosy Nosy (SOLD)
Roan QH mare (SOLD)       Pinto Mini (SOLD)                             Bay Schooling colt (SOLD)
Buy a pony (SOLD)                 Whickering cob (SOLD)          Under Striped Umbrella (SOLD)
Black mini foal (SOLD)         Black Whinny Arab (SOLD)      Chestnut WB Colt (SOLD)
Fleabit Arab red tassels (SOLD)  Flyingforelock Gypsy (SOLD)  Gray WP Arab (SOLD)
Harness ASB (SOLD)                    Dapple Mustang (SOLD)      Molly Rose  (SOLD)
Palomino pony (SOLD)             Draft team (SOLD)                    Phaeton Horse (SOLD)
pinto Show Pony (SOLD)                                 Bay Paint stallion (SOLD)
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