Midwinter Update
It does seem as if I never slow down (which is partially true).  In that matter I haven't had time to update the T pages much, so I will try to get this taken care of asap.

Jan 2012.  The Army of the Spider Queen numbers approximately 165.

There is an eggsac we are watching with baited breath. 

The communal Pokies (P formosa) are big and beautiful! 

We have had a few deaths, one to old age, one for no known reason.  Myryha lost little Amarillo (he just died, not even a death curl) and Cervantes just was too old after maturity.  We also lost three males to overly aggressive females.  One however (Anton) sired the sac of N chromatus babies that we are watching.  

We have some of Teodoro's and Flibber's babies here.  Teodoro's are TEENSY, while Flibbers little orange beasties are growing at a fast and furious pace.

Until later, ENJOY!