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If these items are no longer in stock we can make others up - we have many varieties in stock. .  We ship within 2 business days.  Checks, MO, or paypal.  Can ship USPO, UPS, or may be able to deliver in DFW area.  Please email for instructions and totals for payment.  Thanks!!!
Spiked/ringed leather bracers (gauntlets).  Tan suede leather with black banding, spikes at wrist and forearm, closed silver rings.  Laces up inside of arm.  These will fit med-to XL but perhaps not XXL arms (Male).  Will fit almost any female arm. (Shown on model with 12" at forearm and 7" at wrist - these are about 2" smaller than that)       $45.00
All bracers have finished eyelet holes and black thong for lacing. 

Can be re-laced in crosscross or any lacing pattern you desire.  Model's arm on this pair  is XL or XXL, but these would be fine over a shirt-sleeve. 
Bracers 2 - deep blue-green suede, trimmed in black, closed silver ring, short flat (not spiked) studs and celtic buttons at forearm.  S-M size, perfect for most women's arm or a smaller man's arm.  $35.00
Bracers 4 - Teal green, ringed, celtic button at edge.  M/L - $35.00
Bracers 4 - dark purple. a dark wine color, cletic bead, ringed, flat silver studs.  M/L - $35.00
BELOW - NEW!  Wrist or Anklets!

Wrap style, with eyelet/lacing.  Wrap it around your wrist or ankle, wrap the lacing around the button - quite secure!  $10.00 each
Wristlet 3 sold - THANK YOU!!
Wristlet 1 - Black w/ skull beads - $10.00 Wristlet 2 - red XL w/ pearled beads - $10.00
  wristlet 8 mossy green-   $10.00
                        Wristlet 9 - dark brown suede, silver chased accents, $10.00 
Wristlet 10 - Brown suede with silver accents.  $10.00
More wristlets/bracelets added 9-25-03
Captain Marga says - These are one of my favorite accessories!  Talon Mayhem and I wore them to the pub and they stay in place just fine!  I have experimented with lacing mine different - and the beads can easily be removed or changed out for your favorite tassel, dangle or token.  We can make these up in some custom colors, and can even work with you on the studding patterns and style.  All we basically need is your wrist measurement - these are pretty much one-size fits most, but XXL is easy to make!  Great for Goth, Punk, Barbarian, warrior, Pirate/Privateer or just to annoy the in-laws!!!
Fantasy Finger Claws
Beaded, feathered fantasy claws.  Black hard plastic "dragon" claws, laced for any fit! 
Backside of claws - lace up over fingers.  Can wear both on one hand or one each left and right!  Could even be worn in the hair,perhaps over a braid or ponytail. Use your imagination!
Claw set #1 - $16.00  - Rust and yellow beads, feathers, rust leather
Claw set 2 (sorry, just one pictured here, but there are two) - red with red and black feathers, red and white beads. $16.00
Claw set #3, purple and lavender feathers, lavender and white beads.  $16.00
Claw set #4 - pink and purple feathers, pink and irridescent dark beads. $16.00
Claw Set #5 - Turquite and rust feathers, turquoise and irridescent beads.  $16.00
Page updated 4=19=04. Email us with questions!  Other colors available!