The Wishing Star Farm Longhorn Herd

Dad always wanted Texas Longhorns.  We started with two pure-bred cows and their heifer calves.  The herd and grown, been thinned, and grown again over the years.  The original four remain. We might not have some of the calves shown here anymore, but we have had some lovely ones!
One of our Original Longhorn cows, WSF Caroline with her calf "CC" (see the white marks on the forehead - we assume they stand for Caroline's Calf!!!). 
One of the pretty yearling heifers  We thinned the herd in Spring 2003 and sold off most as starters for a friend.
Fantine, one of the original four purebred cows.  She is a lovely red-bay, with just a touch of white trim. 
One of the many nice spotted calves we've had over the years.
Our resident bull for the 2006 season, Chullalonghorn.  (now sold)
Rest in Peace, dear Baby June
Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge
March 9, 2008.  Born 1985.
Junie was one of our original cows.
If anyone could have a "pet cow", she
was my brothers "pet".  She'll be missed.
(June's mom is Caroline, shown above)
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