The Crews of the Isabeau d'Anjou and Wayward Child
We're adding in photos and text as quickly as possible.  Thanks to everyone who "played" at faire, for a truly wonderful year!!!

The Crews
Captain Marga

Dame Marguerite de le Laing du Poschet du Mayne du McCurran, Viscountess du Raazem, Baroness de Kirkhover, Lady Generet

Dame of the Royal Guard for His Majesty King Henry VIII, Royal Scottish Privateer.  

Portrayed by Leah Patton
Sir Alexander Tartath McCurran, Captain of the Guard

A Scottish Mercenary hired on by the Isabeau, now married to Captain Marga.  Her third husband (the other two fell overboard mysteriously) but this one can swim.

Portrayed by Chris Patton
Lady Mirth, Ship's Healer
Part Gypsy, A redhead with a head for herbs.  Be your problem a sword slash, blister from the capstan, or too much grog, Mirth has leaves, twigs and roots available to cure all ills!

Portrayed by Colleen Moore Goodrich
Maeve, Cannoneer

All around deck hand, cannoneer and archer when needed.  Ready with a flaming arrow to torch the sails of enemy vessels.  When not aboard ship and at the Estate of Dame Marguerite, Cara is our Mistress of Horse and keeper of the Dame's stables.

Portrayed by Cara Barker
Dame Midnight, Ship's Cook

Mother to the twin Shiprats Bones and Blade, this lady has her hands full cooking for the rowdy lot. 

Don't cross her, she's got a whiplash temper and can prove it - with or without the bullwhip, her weapon of choice!

Avast you dogs!  No complaints about the soup or it's hardtack and salt fish for you!

Portrayed by Betsy "BJ" Ellison
Rummy Kate, the Rum Wench

Hands off, lads, she's a dangerous one.  Known to water the rum down with gin, and cause general havoc aboard the ship.  Her wages are still being docked for serious misuse of navigational charts when she wrinkled up Spain and hasn't replaced the charts yet!  Known to associate with mercenaries.

Protrayed by Casey
Guinness Jim, Brewmaster and Provisions Officer

Sean Patrick Ryan Casey Jacen Joseph Daniel McInerney
Name for his uncles - All of 'em.  But the crew got darn tired of rattling off that lungfull everytime someone wanted a fresh mug o' brew, so they shortened it to Guinness Jim.

In charge of stocking up the ship supplies when we make port.  Known to make a few shillings on the side  working at various pubs while on shore-leave, just to make sure he's got the best for the crew! 

Portrayed by Charles Ryan Roach
The Rooster , Ship's Lookout

His favorite perch is the Crow's Nest (we suppose we'll have to rename it soon) and his favorite drink is RUM, of course! 

Portrayed by Jonathon MacKenzie
Bones                                   and                      Blade

No, you aren't seeing double, it's a matched pair of Shiprats!
Double trouble indeed, when you have twins who aspire to be pirates, er, privateers!!!
Mischief the Shiprat

AKA Dame Sioban, Member of His Majesty's Royal Guard.  Daughter of Capt. Marga and Curran, so of course, aspiring Captain herself....

Portrayed by Myryha Patton.
Wayward Child will soon have their own page...
Captain Marco Roberts

"No, I don't have enough Guns" aka the Slightly Rumoured Pirate Roberts.

Portrayed by Kent Corley