ACEOs - The War Ponies

Some of my most popular creations.
Old War Pony Mare (SOLD)      Bay frame WP  (SOLD)                 Storm Spooked Appy (SOLD)
Pony and Papoose (SOLD)                                       The War Pony's Foal (SOLD)
The Lookout (SOLD)                    Calico War Pony (SOLD)                Trained Eye (SOLD)
Bay Appy WP (SOLD)                               War Pony I (SOLD )       Bay roan WP (SOLD)
Clashing War Ponies (SOLD)            Buckskin eye rolling (SOLD)        Beaded Ceremonial WP (SOLD)
Runaway War Pony (SOLD)                                    Appaloosa galloping war pony (SOLD)
Fence cheek mark WP (SOLD)      Calico War Pony (SOLD)            Feeding the War Pony (SOLD)
Claybank War Pony (SOLD)                Tethered Mustang (SOLD)        Bay Pinto Headdown WP (SOLD)
Blue roan WP (SOLD)               War Sheild War Pony (SOLD)           Buckskin WP Handprint (SOLD)
Along a similar line, I created a ten-card series entitled
Colors of the Southwest, depicting different Mustang colors
against woven-blanket type backgrounds.  (all are Sold)
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