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Myryha, the Wind.  A 1980 Mustang mare, from the Nightengale Range of Nevada.  We adopted her when she was only a yearling.  She is a lovely Strawberry roan, now retired, but trained English, Western and Dressage.  She appeared on PM Magazine, a Nationally syndicated TV show in the 80's when we adopted her, and has also appeared in numerous magazines over the years. 

(Yes, our daughter Myryha is named after the mare.  Pronounced like singer Mariah Careys name, but actually a unique spelling *I* coined in 1981, and taken from the song "They Call the Wind Maria" from Paint Your Wagon.
Myryha-pony passed from this world on January 4th, 2006.  She is now over the rainbow Bridge, frolicking in green pastures.  I know she is reunited with her friends, and our other Mustang mare Isabeau, who passed before her.
Crackers joins his friends on Jan 27th 2006.  He passed away peacefully in his sleep. 

It just won't seem the same without our beloved Mustangs.  They taught us as much as we taught them through the years. 
Crackers is also a 1980 Mustang.  This little Spanish-type gelding was originally adopted by the Vasek family, who became friends through training the horse.  When daughter Julie Vasek went off to college, we purchased Crackers.  He was shown many years ago in open English and Hunter-Jumper classes.  He is perfect for Myryha to learn to ride on, but also being 25, he is in semi-retirement. (at 26, he is now retired.  These photos were from 2004).
On to a new endeavor!  Great-Horses are In!  WSF Empress Molly Rose is a Percheron mare (Valentine Ostralien x Molly, unreg).  I purchased this big girl from Leon Oliver of Tennessee.  She had been bred to his American Cream Draft Stallion, Ostella's Danny.  See their unique offspring on Spirit's Page

Molly has more photos on her own page now!

Our draft mule Princess Winnifred is her 2005 foal. 
Remember that rare amber champagne draft baby?  Well, Spirit is about to turn three years old.  She's standing about 15.3 at the moment, just shy of mom's (Molly Rose) height.  She's starting to fill out and look like a drafter, too!   She will start some light harness and saddle training in the fall of 2006.  She needs a couple more years to just GROW.
Time flies, and I don't get to update these pages as often as I'd like. Nov 2005.  Myryha-kid is 9 1/2.  Curly (Mule) is 11, and Princess Winnifred (aka Fred, mare mule) is 8 months old. 
And as big as Curly, darn it (being a draft mule to his Quarter Horse breeding).
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