All my girls... November 09 to June 2010.

Obviously, I've had a few other things on my mind for the past few months.  Now that life if back into my "normal" groove (or what will have to suffice as same, I can finally look forward and do a bit of catch-up.  Here are some photos of the girls - Myryha (age 14), Spirit the champagne Draft horse, her half-sister Fred the mule, and Sonata my Mulassier draft mare.  All taken between November 2009 and the first week of June, 2010.
Left - Myryha and Sonata share a secret in November.

Right - a quite moment with Fred, the Draft mare mule.
Sonata, one of three Mulassier (Trait du Poitevin) horses in the USA.  Her sire and her dam (Hercule and Merienne) are the other two.  She is Four years old.

Left - Dec 2009
Right - May 2010
Left - Spirit (amber champagne) and Sonata (bay) in Dec, 2009.  Right - Spirit, winter headstudy.
One of my favorite photos that I've taken of Spirit!  Thundering Champagne!  December 2009
The last three photos of Spirit are from May and June 2010.  We are working on saddle breaking with her again.  Last time she was terrified of the saddle.  Not so bad this time. Yes, we need a pad - we weren't concerned since this was just let-it-sit there.