Captain Marga (aka Jean Marguerite de la Laing du Poschet du Mayne,  du McCurran, Lady Generet, Baroness de Kirkhoven, Vicomptessa de Raazem.   Corporal, Scarborough Royal Guard, Clerke of the Chequer Roll 2008-2009.
This is one of my favorite photos, taken by Chris in 1999, I believe.
Okay, you insist on a personal page.

Age 40mumblesomething ahem.. Oh yes, where were we?

Loves - Chris (now and forever) and Myryha, RenFaires, Privateering, France, Donkeys, mules, horses, Fantasy and Science Fiction, drawing, showing model horses, Castles, theatre tech, opera. haunt, photography, tarantulas etc, etc.

Real-life :  wife and widow, mom, Renfaire performer, and office manager for the American Donkey and Mule Society, which means registrar, and magazine editor, too. 

Explain the "Rennie"  Part:  Means I love Renaissance fairs.  Scarborough Faire, TRF, etc.  Have been known to carry an entire suitcase full of garb on an out-of-state business trip just to attend a one-day Ren Fair.  This is NOT a costume, I LIKE dresssing this way - if you've got the garb, why not wear it!!! Otter on AFR, member of too many Yahoogroups devoted to being a Renfaire performer....It comes from that first year of Scarborough (1986) which was 26 whole seasons ago - gads, that's a long time....

I lost the love of my life, Chris, in December 2009. Widow seems such a sad term. It took so long to adjust to being wife, and now after 15 years (which suddenly seem very short) I must change trains of thought again.  Regardless of how you term it, it am, and will always be, his loving wife.  Give 'em hell, my dear. After 18 months, I'm finally adjusting to being "single".  Never thought it would be this tough!
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