CM and OF Models for Sale!
I can deliver models to the Desert Fest Live in February or will ship worldwide.  Thank you to everyone who made my first Artisan's Gallery table such a success!!!

I accept paypal in all forms!  No shipping charge for hand-delivered models, happy to combine shipping on multiples. 

I am also a Breyer dealer and have   models in stock - and can combine shipping and payment on those as well.
Amaretto on the Rocks.  NASD mare, paint sculpted/etched Wixom mold.  Her pattern is taken from a real horse.  Edges of the pattern detail mapped.  Eyes, nostrils, hooves, genitals all painted and detailed.  Has at least one NAN card in halter and only shown 2-3 times (from my personal showstring)   $150.00
Shlei Mithra - airbrushed Dapple gray Miniature mare.  Detailed eyes, nostrils.  Has been lightly shown - I think she has at least one NAN card - I'll update this text if I find it. (From my personal showstring!)  $50.00
Shlei Outside the Lines - appaloosa or Appy sporthorse stallion, handpainted in acrylics.  Very detailed, even down to his mottled skin and the faint roaning over his barrel.  Striped hooves, white sclera, all the appy characteristics.  He's patterned after a real horse.  Although I've taken him to Live shows, he may only be PSQ.  $20.00 
Once In Love With Amy - Soft baby-coat dark chestnut, part-Arabian filly.  Has placed in the ribbons at Live shows, you decide if she's LSQ.  Hand-painted in acrylics.  $35.00
SOLD!  Owned by Carmen Robertson
Jitterbug, Shire or Shire x Clydesdale cross stallion.  Hand etched to detailed Sabino.  Enhanced eyes, muzzle, hooves, ribbons, etc.  Has been shown and comes with at least one NAN card.  $75.00 ON HOLD
Woodland Fairie, etched "Dutchess" classic mold from the new "mares and foals" set.  Her hip spots are now all haloed, detail of her roaning/spots on neck shown at left.  Eyes, muzzle, hooves, all properly appaloosa now.

Peter Stone standing Dapple Gray Drafter, 1997-1998 regular run, matte.  Again, he's just been standing on a shelf, and is in excellent condition.  My husband said he'd rather have the Breyerfest Knight's Horse, so his Drafter goes up for sale.  $35.00
Keoki Kona, etched grulla foal (the new Breyer color Moonbeam on the action stock horse foal) to a frame overo.  Pattern is suggested by a real horse's.  Brand new and unshown.  $45.00
"Q" - a portrait model of the real stallion, who is *not a champagne nor perlino* but possible a new dilution we (geneticists) are researching.  He is the palest of cream colors, with darker cream points, blue eyes, pink skin.  Hand-painted in acrylics. He's really a nice horse, but too weird for some people.  I have far too many Spanish horses to show!  $45.00
Bardic Melody, the "Party Shoes" CWP (cantering Welsh Pony) now a gold-champagne sabino.  She's a full-body etch - see the detail photo at right.  Amber eyes, dark skin now repainted to light with champagne freckles.  Painted teeth!  Her logo is removed, she should be LSQ (but that's my own opinion). (FLASH! - She NANs at RRL and takes a Championship in Pony division!)   I am a little suprized she didn't sell at the Artisan's Gallery at Breyerfest.  If you show ponies she would be a super addition to your showstring.  I can even point you to a champagne sportpony stallion that can be a sire for her if you do IPABRA or pedigree assignment.  I'll happily show her until she sells!  $150.00
Tell Me Tomorrow - Brand new, I really created this fellow for myself.  He's a frame overo NASD, and yes, they do come in Frame.  He's an etch on the "Tristan" SR color.  His "brother", Kilkenny Pied Piper sold at Artisans - before I had a chance to show him - I will show him at Sock Hop if he doesn't sell.  $100

(Detail of his mapping, right!)
More photos of new horses coming soon, including:

The Mountbanc - Sabino etchy on the Smart Chic O Lena 2005 mold.  Nice fellow, has placed 3,3 and 4 at the only three live shows he's been to, against some very tough Paint horse competition.  SOLD!!!

Tobi's Bamboozle - Bay roan sabino/tobiano Spotted Saddle horse or MFT, the new Double Take MFT full-body etched.  He has NAN cards! Reserve champion in Gaited Classes as well!!!   $175

Kai's Crusader: Liver chestnut metallic roan, Friesian Brabant cross.  Full-body etch on the Fire Magic SR (I know, but he's WOW!)  THe only show he's been to, he got TONS of comments, but the judge didn't like etchies.  I plan on taking him to shows in TX if he hasn't sold...As with all of my etchies, I made him to SHOW, and if I don't like em, I won't show 'em!  $100.