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Myryha aka Shiprat aka Mischief has been going to Scarborough Faire since she was just 2 months old.  She enjoys being a fairy princess, a pirate, and a belly dancer.  She  completed First Grade with all A's on her report card, second grade with A/B honor roll, and wants to be an animal Vet when she grows up.  She is now in 5th Grade, and is an A student.  (updated photos on the NEXT PAGE)
Myryha (or is it baby Elizabeth I) with Queen Anne Boylen and King Henry VIII, Scarborough Faire 1996. 
Myryha and the Elephant from Hawkwood.  She is just a few months old in this photo (1996). She loved animals even then.
My Star Baby. 
Scarborough 2000
Practicing with the StarDancers (she's the little one in Pink) SF 2001.
Scarborough 2003
With Rosebud and their ribbons at the State Fair, 2001.
She is actually quite good handling the equines, and Angel (far left) is her personal "nanny" out at the farm.  Angel, Myryha, Rabbit, Curly, Daze (l to r) This photo with Myryha and our longears appeared in the breed Profile of the 2003 Western Horseman (magazine) All-Breed issue.
With miniature donkey "Chocolate" at the 2003 State Fair show. (left, taking 2nd in the Leadline race)
Dark fairy princess, Hallowe'en 2002.  She wanted the pink tut and fairy princess, we convinceed her "different" can be just as fun.  She wanted High Heels (boy, she got em, but she wore them gamely) and she was the talk of the Mall. 
As the flower girl at Scott and Colleen's wedding, Nov 22, 2003
Myryha with her godfather, Ryan Roach, who was the minister at the wedding. 
She and our jennet Angel (her special baby-sitter) are still pretty much inseperable.  This is her favorite way to ride - and the donkey doesn't mind!  No steering, though, and the steering wheel didn't help... 
More Myryha Photos
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