Myryha's Page
She's 14 now... photos from Fall 09 to Spring 2010.  She will be starting Bonham High School this fall.  She is also now a third-Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.
With Mom, in March 2010, just before she left to go to Korea for the Hapkido Tournament.
What a pair of Gypsies!  Jofranka Whispersteppe (Leah) and daughter Mirela (Myryha). May Day weekend, 2010 at Scarborough Faire, the Renaissance Festival.  This was the day Faire gave an official Farewell to Chris.
No so little any more... From the baby in arms to a lovely young Gypsy. Posing with King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boylen, Scarborough Renaissance Festival, 2010
Myryha and her Grandpa Mike, Chris' dad, July 3rd, 2010.
With Ted at the Yule Celebration, December 2009.
At one of the many Hapkido tournaments.
Her yearly bluebonnets photo, 2010.
She still works with and gets along great with all the animals.  Spring 2010 (wearing her dad's hat) she works with Princess Winnifred (Aka Fred) the draft mule.