Another Little Whirlwind into our Lives!

Meet Martinique!  (aka Nikki)
The week a couple of nice Hurricanes (one of which was named Katrina) decided to wreak havoc on the Gulf Coast, a tiny whirlwind appeared outside our door!  Somewhere around Aug 13th, one of the feral Mama cats had kittens. She either had too many to deal with, or this little troublemaker was too independent for her own good.

Stuck in a piece of plumbing pipe, in 100 degree weather, it took us 2 days to find her.  Apparently mama cat gave up. We found a tiny bundle of straggly fur, eyes gummed up, dehydrated, and bawling her lungs out.   Sigh, another bottle baby, since she was just 11 days old when we found her. 

(Lots of photos (all Copyrighted) so it may take time to load! )
We went to the vet, we got fresh kitten formula.  She travelled back and forth each evening home with Leah, and back to the office in the AM.  3 am feedings.  6 am feedings. And gosh, there was a cute little kitten in there!  She had a bald little tail, where it had been stuck under the pipe.  She sucked her thumb when she couldn't have the bottle (she still does...even though she's long weaned).  She ate like a fiend, loved to ride in the car, hopped in her kennel when asked, and generally enjoys being the center of everyone's universe (of course...)
Oh, what potential we have for being a very photogenic cat...
She had to be fed fairly often, so she went to the Renn Fest with Leah and Cara.  Talk about being the Belle of the Ball!  Every single person there had to stop and see the baby kitty (and this while Hurricane #2 is deciding to wreck Beaumont TX!!! )

She was our Lesser Greenwing Catbird, and everyone thought she was the cutest kitten they'd ever seen.  And she knew it, too...
Aren't I CUTE???
Tired baby kitty, crashed out on Mommy's shoulder at the RRRFF (Red River Renaissance and Fantasy Festival)
Baby Nikki loves to watch TV with Daddy!
She's one of our three Office Kitty Girls now.  She's four months old as of Dec 13th!   And MY, how she has GROWN!  She's just over 5 1/4 pounds - which is a pound over what *most* kittens would be at 4 months.  Spoiled?  Whatever gave you that idea?

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There's just one problem with a carpet-colored cat....
Chris' cat Hissums teaching Nikki to play String. 
I'm ready for my Closeup now!
Thank you.  You may proceed to worship her High Kittenness.  
ARRRR!  Happy Halloween from Nikki! 
Our little girl is growing up!  She's seven months old now (March) and is over 7 pounds.  She's been spayed, had all her shots and is just as spoiled as ever!  Hasn't she gotten pretty?

(And yes, she still sucks her paw before she goes down for her afternoon nap.  She climbs up on Aunt Cara, sucks her paw, and then will lay in the cat bed and fall asleep with her paw in her mouth.)
Oh goodness, all this attention gives me a headache! 

Really, she's very territorial, and likes her close group of people, and not strangers.  Spoilt, spoiled, ROTTEN!

March 2006
Here's our independent little girl in May - such a lovely set of eye markings!