interesting photos
Sometimes strange things show up in photos that aren't dust specks, raindrops, bugs or camera straps.  We have our ideas about what they are, you may form your own. 

We are members of the International Ghost Hunter's Society.  Do we believe?  YOU BET!
This photo was taken on Saturday, July 12, 2003 at the lounge of the Studio Movie Grill, after the 3pm viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean.  The group posed and asked a fellow nearby to take the photo.  He took three photos on three different cameras (all digital).  This is an Olympus Digital with a 64-meg smartcard.  What is the strange white "line" in the upper right of the photo?  We saw the object in the post-view screen AFTER the photo was taken, and all went to check the bench for any marks.  There was no scratch in the leather, no strings, threads, wires, spiderwebs etc were hanging down.  No one was smoking anywhere near us. 

Our question is not WHAT is it, but WHO is it.  We have recently lost several Ren Friends...
(this photo is uncropped - only the gamma has been altered.  Several Orbs are also apparent). 
This photo of our daughter Myryha in her new costume were taken using a digital camera.  The photo is unretouched except for Gamma, and uncropped.  It has not been altered in any way with any photo tools.  There is an apparent orb in motion over her shoulder.  I frequenly have problems with the sewing machine, as my grandmother was a seamstress who seems to strongly dissaprove of my sewing methods!!!  It this her?