Working with the Big Girls
We had a little time for a training session with the girls.  Spirit is full-grown and more than ready to get started under saddle.  We put a little saddle and snug girth on her, sacked her out too.  She was a little nervous about the sacking out, but normal reactions.  Now, walking with the girth around her tummy - THAT was funny.  The saddle didn't quite sit right on her.  That wasn't the problem - it was the "oh my, something is around my tummy" walk.

Sonata, on the other hand, hardly blinked an eye at either being sacked (with a big blue and white striped bath towel) or the saddle and girth. 

Everyone looks like winter hair is starting to come in (Oct 26th). 
Spirit wearing a saddle (it's a little lead-line saddle, the easiest on-hand for ME to work with).

As a reminder, Spirit is a 5-yr old Champagne Draft horse (American Cream Draft x Percheron )

Chris is six feet tall, and Spirit is close to if not already 16 hands.
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Look at her pretty freckled skin!  Finally a good shot that shows she's champagne!!!
Chris and Spirit.
Spirit finally showing some of that champagne glimmer.  Her half-sister Fred the mule is behind her.  Both are right at 16 hands.
Here's Sonata, who is two and a half, wearing the little breaking saddle.  She's a pretty good girl (though she can get pushy and in-your pocket!).  She wants to be with people as much as with the herd.
Here's Thor, our half-Poitou donkey gelding.  Starting to get a bit shaggy for the winter.
And here's Fred, (WSF Princess Winnifred) who is Spirit's younger half-sister.  She's three, and 16 hands - decent size for a grade Draft mule.  That head, though!  Not what I expected... but she IS learning!
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