Model Horses by Shadow's Castle
Amber mare and gold stallion that were raffle models at the Equine Affair weekend of Mar 27th.  Both repainted by Leah (Shadow's Castle).  They are Stablemate size, which is about 2 inches to the eartips.
Also Stablemate (SM) scale, these two are etched (paint removed to reveal white plastic underneath) with an exacto blade.  Both SOLD!  Thank you!!! . 
"El Tigre".  Above is what he looked like before etching.  Right is Tigre after winning his Breed class at Lone Star Live this last weekend in Ft. Worth.  There are about 14 hours of etching labor in his coat.  All the hairs can be seen, the flow pattern is correct, and he has correctly spotted skin for an Appaloosa.  He went on to win Spanish Breed Champion, Champion Repaint in Workmanship,  and Grand Champion in Workmanship.  NOT FOR SALE at this time. 

And yes, there is a perlino behind him - there were 3 perlino Lusitano types in the class!
A closeup of some of the detail etching on "Tigre".  I would be willing to do custom etchies similar, the cost for this mold and extensive etch starts at $200. 
"Amy", a baby-sorrel Arab PB filly, softly shaded, cute expression!  She is for sale, $45.  - Has two NAN cards valid for the 05/06 NAN. 
All horses customized by me, Leah Patton (Shlei) unless otherwise stated.  I hand-paint in acrylics, then seal with protective gloss.  All seams sanded, logos removed (except on some etchies), eyes and hooves detailed.

SM/Chips customs - prep and RPO Start at $25.  LB/Pebbles start at $35, Classics $50, Traditionals $75.  I prefer to do realistic patterns and colors unless you specify fantasy coloration or patterning (But all pintos and appaloosas will be correct for their breed/type and within the range of "normal".  I don't mind LOUD as long as we agree on CORRECT!  Since I study color genetics in horses, if you don't have a real horse pattern in mind, I will happily research a real-to-life pattern/color for you! )

Check, mo or paypal accepted.  Will consider trades for older or Paola Hartlands only.  Buyer pays shipping, can ship USPO or UPS, your choice.  Will ship overseas.  Questions?  Drop me
an email.
Lemon Meringue, an ACD mare from the Wixom mold to gold champagne (Medium cream) with pink skin, amber eyes, reverse dapples, correct freckling.  Now owned by BJ Ellison.
This is the tiny, hair-at-a-time detail work in paint, that I also do on etchies.  Cedigh Belle, a portrait model Shire or Drum Horse Mare.
Shlei Outside the Lines - bay leopard appaloosa stallion, RPO from new mold SM WB.  Unusual pattern, but taken from a real horse.  You decide breed.  $15.00
Maestoso Myopia - etched New mold SM Andal to dapple gray.  Left the nice color on the new mold, just added lots of tiny star dappled etched into the coat.  $15.00
"Tango" detailed etched sabino stallion - SOLD to a happy home (and NAN qualified) THANK YOU!
Add Spots and Stir - Top Ten at her first NAN, a RPO H-R  mule.
My work has been NAN qualified before (I show only at 2-3 live shows per year and don't have a lot of opportunity to persue NAN cards) and also does well at photo shows.  I do not guarantee it to be LSQ, however, that is up to individual judges and can change at each show they judge. I will only do work, however, that I feel would be capable of being Live Shown, and fit for my own personal showstring!

Don't see something you like?  I appreciate just having you look.  Interested in a certain breed?  Longears, Spanish, and anything unusual is my NORM!!!  Talk to me - I just might sell it if I have it on my showstring!

Please check
new page with more new horses - more items to be listed soon.

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