Some of the Herd, Sept 2008

Everyone is in good health, and the younger horses are growing up.  Everyone is fat and sassy (especially the mules).  We didnt have the stick, but did some quick eyeball measurements on Spirit and Sonata.  As in, Spirit's withers and my eyeballs are about level.  That puts her around 15.2 or 15.3.  Sonata is 14.3, or 1m50cm.  She is 2 1/2, so has plenty of time to keep growing!  Myryha was the handler for most of  the photo session, she's 12 1/2 years old, and she's nearly 5'5" herself.
Curly (WSF Jubilation T), our stout little mule.  He may be small, but he's built like the proverbial brick ****house.
Spirit (Danny Boy's Moon Spirit)  DNA verified amber champagne Draft mare.  Her sire is an American Cream Draft and her dam is our brown (DNA verified brown, not bay) Percheron mare WSF Empress Molly Rose.
Sonata (Sontata du Capstone) is a full-blood Mulassier filly.  The scar on her hind leg was caused when she was a foal.  It's a blemish, it does not affect her in any way except some hair loss.  She is in-your-pocket gentle - sometimes it's impossible to keep her from following you!!!
Princess Winnifred is a BIG girl!  She is Spirit's half sister (Spirit is standing behind her) out of Molly Rose.  Yes, that's Leah holding the lead (wiped out tired...)