Scarborough Faire Closing Weekend
Sadly, the Faire at the village of Scarborough has closed its gate for the season, and we must away to other ports of call.  Fond memories are left of those who sang with us, danced, shared a laugh or a verse at the pub sing.  Happy travels to all, and we shall meet again soon at the docks of other ports, in taverns, and mayhap in passing. 

"At the shrine of friendship, never say die, may the wine of friendship never run dry."
(Les Miserables)
Isabeau crew
Crew of the Isabeau D'Anjou, and fellows from the Wayward Child,  sailing under Scottish Letter of Marque.

From L to R Back Row:
Captain Roberts, Talon Mayhem, Bob, Mistress Catherine, Curran, Magellan, Mirth DragonVert
Front row (seated)
L to R
Shiprat Part B, Mischief, Lady Lisa, Captain Marga, Madame Midnight.
myryha and welsh
Myryha with Welsh companion in Parade.  Truce with the Welsh???
royal guards
A few of the Royal Guard - a record reached this year for a total of 63 Guardsmen/women in Parade.  Hip Hip, Huzzah!

Left - Lady Mary "Jewelry Donations accepted Here"

Below, Alfred, Headsman.  Nice Axe.
Afternoon Court Dance
George of Friends of Faire, the ceaseless and ever-faithful Waterbearer, is made an Honorary member of the Royal Guard.  Hats off to George for all his hard work in keeping everyone with a full mug!!!
The second Annual Tart-A-Thon.
Our dear and gracious Queen Margaret of Scotland and the Isles, Sister to His Majesty King Henry VIII.

Past Pix
Captain Latimer Fairfield teaching his bad swearing habits to Laird Matthew Stewart, Earl of Lennox.