Cats - the big and small of it all...
Most of you have seen our kitty cat pages by now, and are familiar with the various beasties.  From Bottle raised Stoffee and Nikki, to rag-a-muffin-like Pouncer, and the demanding Prince.

Well, we put this page together to show off a new friend.  Keep reading...

Stoffee poses with a soup can, used in the next series of photos to show scale.  When you see him in person, you realize just how big a 17 pound cat is.  That's a regular person-chair he's sitting in, and a regular can of soup (not the family size, thank goodness!)  And as I hope you can see, he is NOT grossly fat, as some cats that are posted as being "large" are.  He's in good shape for a male neuter!
Here's a little more for size comparison.  We're doing this to show the size (or lack thereof) of a cat recently born in England...
Little Miss Muffett.  She's a Devon Rex, but unusually tiny.  At 10 weeks old (as in the photo that's super-imposed on Stoffee's pic at left, she is barely the size of a one-month old cat, not even one pound yet.  We hit on the idea of using a soup-can for size comparison, figuring that Muffet's owner Eliza and I could both get the popular brand-name cans.

Now, Stoffee being literally a giant among cats, it's not fair to use him as the only basis for Muffet's size.
So, in that light, here is our calico Stinkerbelle, a large but "normal-sized" neutered female, with the same photo of Muffet, sized so that the cans match scale.  Remember that Muffet should weigh over 2.5 pounds and be more than twice, almost three times the size she is now at this age!

Nikki wasn't quite up to cooperating with the can in her space, but again, gives you an idea of a "normal" (I don't think any of our cats are normal, period) cat in scale to Miss Muffet.
Miss Muffett has her own website as well - She'd be happy if you'd visit!  It tells her story from day one!!!
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