We need bigger spiders next time...

Dealing with 'Slings.

A "Sling" is a "spiderling".  Usually unsexed (too small to tell!) I ordered a few babies from a gal on the
Arachnoboards that needed to sell off a few.  One-inch slings should be bigger than the OBT slings, right?  Right?  

Still the teensy little things led us on a merry chase.  The tiny ones are harder to get out of their packing material than the big ones.  Wild Rover, at 1" plus, got his name because he did just that...
Domino, Aviculara diversipe.  Pretty colors as a little sling, will be dark blue/black with pink toes as an adult.

BJ thinks this one is the prettiest of the slings. See photo below and you'll understand why...

Photo (C) Leah Patton. 
Another molt, and more colors.  Yes, these are REAL and natural colors on this spider.  Avicularia diversipes.  Still only about 2.5" DSL - eating well, and webbing too. 
Domino surprised me an molted again the second week of June.  Even though "she" is scrunched up in the hammock, you can see some of the amazing colors on the carapace and legs.  I can't wait for her (him) to stretch out one day and get a really good photo!
Max Factor is another Avic, a pinktoe.  At the moment, he's pink with black toes. Later, as he (or she) reaches adulthood, the body will darken and the toe-tips will be pink.  That's a 3" acrylic cube and a plain old #2 pencil, just for size comparison. (Unfortunately, we lost Max to SADS - Sudden Avic Death Syndrome. Happens in this species. )
Tamanaco is a teensy tiny Suntiger.  You can see that he (or she) is much smaller than this mailing label, which is 1 3/4" x 1/2".

I think the Suntigers are lovely, and will be getting more.  (He has molted several times now, and is almost 2" across. )
Right - Taminaco in April.  Suddenly he is not so teensy.  With two recent molts, he's closer to a 3" DSL.  Unlike his larger kin (Burning, Bright and Sundancer) he frequently sits out in the open for me.
Wild Rover, the P regalis sling.  Mad and merry chase all over the desktop.  Fast little bugger.  He's in a 3" cube right now.  Was supposed to go in a slightly larger one, but chasing him meant that Max got his cube, and he got Max's.  Oh well.  He has plenty of room, and will get rehomed again later.

Being a P regalis, he will look a lot like Sitar when mature.  Right now, he spends part of his time on the wall, and part of it in his hide.
Rover has molted at least twice now.  Starting to look like a regalis, and over 2" DLS.
Once again, a baby growing by leaps and bounds.  Far right - May, and he's almost over 3" in DLS.  (Diagonal Leg Span)