1-29-09.  This year has not been off to the greatest start, and therefore I've been a little apprehensive about announcing anything at all.  As you may have read elsewhere on the site or at the groups, we lost our big mare Molly Rose a few weeks ago. We know others have lost foals, had foaling problems, lost friends, family and beloved pets.  Well, I'm trying to keep a positive outlook on things.

Many of you know I have wanted a Corgi for a long time.  I've done the daily dig through craigs-list, greensheet, classified, rescues, breeders and more.  I don't have money to pay for a purebred dog to be a backyard hound.  Nor do I agree with some of the background info that some rescues insist on gathering (don't get me wrong, I support rescues, but they just are not right for me!)

So along on craigslist comes a note about corgi-blue heeler crosses.  I email.  How old are the pups?  Four weeks - too young.  Sorry.  Heavy heart.  About 10 days later I get a message in my email - sorry to disturb, but we thought if you were still interested...

And here is a lovely tri (That's black and tan with white) Pembroke with her litter of five merle pups, one black, and one black and tan.  SUCKER.  I waffle a bit.  I finally go see the pups, and of course, I bring home:
Sojourn. (First night, 1-20-09)  He may get a longer, fancier name using that as part of it.  But right now, he's learning to come to his name.  Walk on a leash.  He sleeps in his kennel at night, without being told.  He's learning not to charge his food, and he's not food agressive.  He plays with his toys, loved his bath. 
Just four pounds at six weeks old, I'm hoping he'll stay short-legged.  His ears have already gotten bigger, and I'm thinking we'll be able to get them to stand like a corgis.

He's had round one of shots, but until he's had them all, he's in the bathroom and his kennel.  I'm terrified of parvo and it's rampant in our area, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for him.  When he's a little older, he's going to go out with Spike and have the run of the backyard.
Gorilla wresting left (and afterwards, all worn out (day 5 above).
Day 6