Growing like a (long, low) Weed!

Sojourn is almost eight weeks old now. He goes in for his next set of puppy shots on 2-5-09.

Here are some more photos of him, taken this last week. 
Deckard, Leah and Sojourn.  The cat still walks right up to the puppy.  Then a game of bounce-and-chase ensues.  The cat seems to enjoy it. 

Sojourn is learning "Sit" when he is called, and gets a little nibble of cheese as a training treat.  Sometimes we're having to doll out cheese with both hands - one nibble to the cat, and the other to the pup.
His "Faceb**K Pose"  2-2-09
Keeping those short Corgi legs!  Yeah!!  He may be taller than a pure-bred Corgi, but certainly not as tall as the heeler part.   Yep, he's CUTE!!! 
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