Spirit - our Champagne Draft Horse
Our unique Amber Champage (that's her color) Draft horse filly is getting bigger and prettier by the day.  We now have pedigree on her, and she is registered with the International Champagne Horse Registry.  When we get DNA verified and papers in to American Cream Draft Horse Assn, she will have double papers (B Book ACHR).  Her color has evened out, she is a pale amber with deep chocolate brown points, pink/gray freckled skin, and right now, green eyes!!! 

Her baby photos can be seen HERE...
Our big girl is one week shy of four months old in this photo.  She is 12.3 (hands) right now, and we expect she will be 16 to 16.2 when mature.   Her dam is an unregistered Percheron mare, and her sire is a half-Belgian American Cream Draft stallion.  When you work out the percentages, she is 1/2 Percheron (Molly, below, dark red horse) , 3/8 Belgian, and 1/8 American Cream (and that is part Belgian, too!!! Her sire (Danny, below, yellow horse - photo by Elsie)  was sired by a Belgian, his dam was a Cream also sired by a Belgian!!!))  It is turning out to be an interesting blending of two very popular draft horse breeds!!!
Photo taken November 2nd - not quite 8 months old here.  She stands right at 14.2 now... that's taller than the Mustangs we have....The halter, by the way, is a regular Horse size... and belongs to Thor!
Her Mamma - Molly Rose (Dark Brown (Ata tested) Percheron) and her Daddy, Ostellas Danny (Olivers) an American Cream Draft Stallion (gold Champagne, not palomino).  His photo courtesy of Elsie. Darrah
Updated 11-3-03
So compare this photo on Aug 24th (she is 5 1/2 months old here) to the one at right on November 2nd!     Spirit has grown about 2 inches.  She is a little lighter in real life than the right-hand pic, but not quite as light as the left one (so hard to get computers to match colors!)  Her coat is like crushed velvet right now, and she is getting that metallic sheen to it (see below...)   I don't know what she is laughing about on the right, though....
Above, you can see the metallic sheen on her coat.

Left is her mane - the side that it falls away from.  Just a hint of the fine golden body hairs as a guard layer, then it falls into chocolate curls - see above!!! 
Those baby white eyes are turning the lovliest shade of green!  Here's hoping they stay that way (but they will probably continue on toward a darker hazel. (*PS - Nov 2 - they are still green!!!
Here is friend/co-worker BJ, who is just 59" (4'11") tall.  Remember Spirit is just a baby (LOL!) and is wearing a REGULAR HORSE sized halter!!! 
Myryha feeding ear corn to Spirit.  Yes, the safest place for the kid is put the KID in the cage (hay ring). Aug 03.
Spirit headstudy at 4 months.  She has more of a Roman nose than either of her parents.  Photo by Leah.
Headstudy of Ostella's Danny (Oliver's), sire of Spirit.  Photo courtesy of Elsie.
Spirit July 19th, just 4 1/2 months old.  She's put on another inch at the shoulder and a couple in the rear!  Colts often go through stages where their butt is higher than their shoulder, then level out, and then do it again...

She is out of the weanling halter and wearing a regular horse Yearling halter now.
Below - her pink nose!  (you can see her pink-and-gray nose at left, too).  But it's getting harder to take her picture as noses are right up in the camera lens....
Our pretty girl has her International Champagne Horse Registry papers now, and a pedigree that is big enough to match Herself (half Perch and 3/8 Belgian!!!)
Spirit is TWO years old now!  See her new page here!
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