Where has time gone?

Princess Winnifred (aka PWFred or just Fred) is a yearling (she's the dark mule on the left) and Spirit (Amber champagne draft filly) is THREE!  June 2006   Well, never mind that, it's 2007 and she's FOUR! 
June 2006 - Princess Winnifred the mule is a yearling (left) and Spirit is three (right)
A fairly decent conformation photo of Spirit (Danny Boy's Moon Spirit).  She is just out in pasture, no brushing or anything, so she's not in show-shape.  Just a horse being a horse.  Myryha, my 10 year old daughter, got her set up for this picture.  I think she did fine! (June 2006)
Here's Myryha, who is right at 5 foot at 10 years old, next to Spirit, who is now three.  If you've seen Spirit's older pages, you've watched these two growing up over the years!!! (June 2006)
She's light for a draft horse, but pretty darn heavy for a saddle horse!!!
It may not show her champagne-ness, her freckles well (though are those freckles on her skin???) but I just like this photo.  I call it "Artistic Eye".  It's just an artsy-photo to me.  (C) Leah Patton

Jan 2007, her four-year old year.  In her winter woolies, looking more the part of a drafter!
More 2007 (later in the year) pis of the girls....