Tarantula Bookmarks
ACEO prints of original art by Shlei (captmarga on Arachnoboards). $5 each, postage paid.  Volume discounts considered! Many different designs, more added every week!  Send inquiries to captmarga@hotmail.com!
A. metallica MM
Juvenile GBB
RCF G. Rosea (rose hair)
Juv B. smithi
G. rosea (rose hair)
Generic stripe knee or E. murinus type.
H. lividum (cobalt blue)
OBT - don't Lose my Place!
All are drawn/painted from my own tarantulas!  Braz. Blk&White.
P. regalis (1) Pokey!
All cards are printed on acid free photo paper and enclosed in an acid-free sleeve.  All also have color co-ordinating bookmark tassels. 

Thanks for looking!

Shlei Original Art
P. formosa 1 (baby pokies!)