Top Shelf the Pinktoe
Got this huge old beauty from a co-worker at Screams Halloween Theme Park.

Looks to be
A. metallica from his coloration (dark blue/black with white tips on the hairs).
Very old mature male, an honest 7" legspan.  But he is eating and drinking.  He's on a new layer of substrate, with two cork logs, his plastic plant (he seems to like it), and fresh water dish.  Cage clean and snug.  I have not attempted to hold him, but he seems mellow. 
Had only had this big guy for a week, and found out he was a mature male.  Posting on the Arachnoboards, discovered the local DFW-TAG group.  Off he went to the breeder's - that day at the museum.  He got held by a lot of people that day.  Myryha held him, I held him, Reclusa let a bunch of kids hold him.  He is mellow.  He'll sit on my wrist all day. 

He went off and mated with a female, then came back home to be comfy for as long as possible  with me.  He's a big, gangly, sweet old fellow.
Myryha with Top Shelf at the Museum's Critter Day, in Dallas in November.
All of you who know me know I do not have small hands.  So this give you an idea of how large this boy is.
Top Shelf sitting on my hand while I type in April.  He is still with me, though getting feeble.   He will sit for an hour on my hand without moving.  Well, more like lie down, as he kind of flops, with his entire underside, fangs and all, resting on my hand. 
This gentle fellow passed away May 20th, 2011.   Enjoy the afterlife, sweet soul.