A quick update (5-3-11)
I've been a little busy and haven't had time to update the pages as I should.  We now have 85 Ts (Mine and Myryha's).  HRM Victoria laid her eggsac on 4-11-11.  We will know in a week or so if we get slings.  More photos as I can... I do not think I have photos of all the new arrivals.
Lily the Pink, a G rosea (Chilean rose hair).
HRM Victoria and her eggsac.  She is guarding it well. Not so sure taking it from her will be fun...(but I must if I am going to have any hope of containing the babies as they hatch).
Vanquished molted, and is now just over 2" DSL.  Tiny hint of adult color showing on the knees.
Taminaco, the little P. irminia.  He's now almost 2.75" DLS.  Beautiful little T, hangs out in the open quite a bit.
Whimsy, an A. seemani (Costa Rican Zebra), a craigslist find.
One of two A. hentzis (Texas browns).  One is all right (Whooshbong, named after an improvizational acting focus game) and the other is not (Spazball, also a focus game). Spaz will strike if you look at her wrong...
Trillium, one of my B. vagans.  I now have five of these pretty Ts.  Part of a group pickup of 11 that ended up with four additional freebies.
Iota, a B brockelhursti.  One of the tiny babies.  The spider is above my thumb but below the bottlecap. I got two in the group pickup, Speck, and Iota.
Fortunato starting to show some adult coloration.  Yes, he's one of the purple spiders!  Who said they were dull?
I see I have left of mentioning there are now four H. maculatas (I cannot wait for them to show adult coloration) as well as assorted EVERYTHING. 
Dulcinea, the C fasciatum.  She just molted last week, and I will pair her with the freshly matured male, Cervantes.  These are some of the dwarf tarantulas, only about 3" in legspan.
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