Leah's Tarantula Collection.

You were warned, if you clicked here, then you either are not afraid of spiders, or you didn't read...I find many people click anyway even if they know it's going to creep them out. 

Therefore, since I am sometimes nice, you don't see the photos right away.

Last warning, so to speak. 

I have a collection of Tarantulas.  I have always loved them.  I got my first T, Fang, in middle school.  She was mild-tempered, I carried her around everywhere.  She was the perfect starter pet.  I have never been afraid of them, I don't think they are icky or creepy.

(In the hobby, the letter T is used to abbreiviate Tarantula, so you do not have to keep typing it over and over. We all know what we are talking about when we just say "T".  Hobbyists also refer to Ts by their Latin names, usually followed by a common name.  You will see that same format used here on my pages.)

Chris did not like Ts, but never minded me having one, as long as it stayed in the cage.  To that end, I only had one at a time for many years.

I have lost interest in being heavily active in the model horse hobby, so am clearing off the model shelves.  I filling them with Tarantulas instead.  1). Because I like them.  2) Because I can. 3) Since you are not the first person to ask why. 

The pages are not necessarily grouped by type or species, at the moment they are grouped as I got the various Ts. 

Like Tarantulas?   ENJOY!

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