More new tarantulas
Adding to the collection. I went back to the lad who had Sitar, and got the rest he had listed on Craigslist.  A prize lot, truly.
Ventral shot of Mae West.
C thoreli, Malaysian earthtiger, I'm calling her Mae West.  While Mae West was docile the day I got her, even letting me pet her, I now know she is protective of her large new habitat.  She would not give the ruler back, either.  She is nearly 7" in legspan.
Mae West size comparison.  I do not have a small hand - my hands are as large as some mens... so she really is 6+" legspan.
Moji-Toes, probably A. metallica ( pinktoe) supposed to be a female. She is an aboreal, which means climbing, so her jar is taller than wide. (May 2011, I think Toes is a he.  Doing well, eats sparsely, webs well, but looks male.)
Heavily webbed up in her little cup.  OBT.  Or in this case, probably GBT.  Guaranteed Bitey Thing.  (Update - Flibbertijibbet walked quietly into his/her  new habitat.  Next day was webbed and tunneled in.  No threat pose.  But basically a pet hole, as she can't be seen. )

Flibberty is the same type of T as the baby OBTs, a P murinus. They truly are a striking orange color.

Flibbers matured out in the spring.  He is currently out on a breeding loan.  Fingers crossed!
Unknown supposed to be female. Conundrum is her name, and she is devoid of any stand-out markings.  She may be a he, and could be anything at all.  She was a "do you want one more?" purchase.
Sadly, Connie was lost shortly after the Freeze, she could not manage to molt post-freeze.
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