Our Donkeys

In case you hadn't figured it out by now, we have an entire menagerie.  Horses and donkeys and mules (oh my) in additions to the cats, rats, dogs, guinea pigs, etc, etc. 

Why donkeys?  Why not?  Donkeys, which are true equines (equines being mammals, and the three branches of the equine family tree being horses, donkeys and zebras) are actually a lot more laid-back than horses. (nope, mules are not a species, they are a cross between donkeys and horses... so they don't go in that list).  They have fun personalities, and are easier to keep and work with than horses.  No, it is not true that donkeys are all stubborn and
mules all kick!  In actuality they are very smart!  Want to learn more about longears in general?  Visit the ADMS website! Meanwhile, here are some of our favorite longeared critters!  
Angel (NTRS My Birthday Angel) our Standard donkey Jennet. 
Thor, Angel and Rabbit.  Even though they are all dark brown, you may note that Thor (the big one on the left) looks a little different.  That is because he is a half-bred Poitou donkey, a rare breed from France.  He has his own special website. 
Just for comparison, this is a pure-bred Poitou jack in France.  The long, matted coat is a sign of purity in the breed.   They are a heavily built draft-donkey. 
Thor (Historique du WSF)
Mario, a spotted donkey (they aren't called paints or pintos, like horses) who actually belongs to Colleen (Lady Mirth).  He lives up at Wishing Star Farms with the rest of our critters.  Here he is getting a nice ear-rub from Leah. 
These two Miniature Donkey jennets are owned by a friend, Lynne Garrett of Lil Longears Ranch.  Leah shows for her sometimes, and Myryha wanted to show as well.  She asked for a matching show jacket just like Mom's.  The two donkeys are Lady Marmalade and halter champion Lil Longears Gus's Rosebud.  This photo was taken at the Fort Worth Stock show in 2002.
Here's Leah, Lynne, and Circle C Motown's Black Gold (aka Blackie) a miniature Donkey jack in 2002 at the Shelbyville Mule & Donkey Show.  Those are dreaded pirates, of course!  Blackie took it all in stride, pirate hat, jolly roger flag and all!  The judge loved the fact we actually had "treasure" in the treasure chest, and we won third in the Open costume class!