Our MULES!   
(Hybrid - Donkey jack x horse mare)
WSF Jubilation T, (aka Curly) is our home-bred mule colt.  Sired by our jack Senator Jack S Phogbound (no longer owned by us) and out of our QH mare Give Me A Pat.  Curly is 9 years old!!!
Being that Leah works for the American Donkey and Mule Society, we have to have Mules and Donkeys!!! Mules are sterile (non-reproducing) hybrids between a jack donkey and horse mare.  Since they are half-horse, they are usually classified by the usage of the dam - ie saddle mules, gaited mules, draft mules, etc.  Both of our mules are Saddle Mules.  (UPDATE!  We have a new draft mule filly!  FRED)
Top - Curly in June 2003, bottom - as a weanling foal.
Leah and best friend Colleen purchased Crystamarq Pferde Po (aka Daze - pronounced Daisy) when she was 4 months old.  Her sire was a standard jack and her dam was a 15 hand roan Appaloosa mare.  Daze is just over 51" tall, so she is a small saddle mule.  She is 10 years old in 2003!!!
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