Chris's Page (aka  CURRAN's CORNER)
It is with the greatest of sadness that I post Chris passed away on Dec 29, 2009 at the age of 44.  It was very sudden, he passed away at work.   His co-workers, the paramedics and hospital staff worked hard to try and save him, but he was gone.

He was with me for 15 years.  He will be sorely missed by our daughter, and our families.

He had planned to audition for Scarborough in 2010, and rest assured, he will be there in spirit.  Bend an elbow with a Dr Pepper, Mt Dew, Mead  (or a Scotch, his favorite) at some point, and speak his name in remembrance. 

We'll toast him at pub sing.

No flowers, please.  Instead, a donation may be made to RESCU for Rennies, or to St Judes, or Scottish Rite.   We're also setting up a college fund for Myryha for those who have asked for that option.

Those of you who met him at faire will know he always had a smile for anyone.  Any photos people have taken of him over the years are greatly appreciated for a scrapbook for his daughter. 

Many thanks to all for the outpouring of cards and emails from all our Faire-mily.

Sailing alone,

Capt. Marga (Leah )
Photo courtesty of Photography on the Run.
Chris Patton (Jan 1965- 29 Dec 2009)
Chris, aka Sir Alexander Tartath McCurran, Captain of the Guard aboard the Isabeau d' Anjou.  Eight-year member of the Scarborough Royal Guard, Corp of the King's Bedchamber.
Curran & Captain Marga, TRF 2001
Think "Brigadoon".  Perhaps in ta hundred years, the village will reawaken, and he will stride forth from the mists again. Photo (C) 2001 by Leah
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Chris attended Mayfield High School in New Mexico, and Univ. Of New Mexico, Las Cruces NM.  for any friends from school years that are looking for him.  Any photos from these years would be appreciated, as most of his were lost in family moves and stolen yearbooks.  Thank you,   Leah