Welcome to the page of Shlei Original Art!
        If you are looking for unique Fantasy Art Cards, you have arrived at the right place!
       Art Cards, or ACEOs (Art Card, Editions and Originals) are standard sized (2 1/2 x 3 1/2 ") pieces of original or limited edition art.  With the standard size, they fit in a trading-card sleeve or album.
         No matter your tastes in art, Art Cards are an affordable way to own a piece of art by living artists.  While size of the card remains the same, themes and mediums vary greatly.  You may find oil paintings, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, pen-and-ink, charcoal, or mixed media.  Themes range from traditional to outrageous, comic to haunting, floral to fantasy.
          Shlei (Leah) specializes in Fantasy and Equine works of art.  The majority of her current Art Cards are in watercolor, with some limited prints of her oil paintings available as well.
           While some of the pieces shown on this page may be currently listed for sale (either directly or on ebay) others may be sold.  If you are interested in a SIMILAR (not identical, if they are One-of-a-Kind Originals) please inquire as to availability of similar pieces, or the possibility of a similar piece being produced.  These pieces (Unless labelled as a print) are hand-painted individually on 140 pound acid-free watercolor papers.
          These images are Copyrighted by the Artist.  You may not copy or download these images for any reason. 
ACEOS - 2/5" x 3/5" format.
Available - $3.50 ppd
Art Squared (4x4" pieces)
SOLD on Ebay!
MORE Art Cards!
You may find these and other pieces on ebay with a seller search for captainmarga (NOT CURRENTLY as my ebay account appears to have been hijacked...2-2-06)
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