Molly Rose - our Percheron Mare

Molly Rose's complete story will be posted soon, as the photos are not loading at her old page.  Thanks for your patience!   (Update - Molly Rose passed peacefully in her sleep in March, 2009)
Leah with Molly Rose, our first day! 
Molly Rose arrives at the farm, and proves immediately to be the true gentle giant.  Never ridden before, but perfectly willing to have a little rider!
see SPIRIT's page for more information about the little passenger Molly Rose is carrying that can't be seen yet!!!
Molly Rose in Nov, 2002.
Molly Rose is 16 hands at the shoulder (withers) and weighs about 1600 pounds (after foaling).  Chris is 6 foot, and is standing next to her, so this gives you an idea of the mare's size.  The COW poking her nose into the photo is Baby June, one of our Longhorns.
This magnificent creature is Hercules, the only Mulassier (Trait du Poitevin) stallion in the United States.  We plan on breeding Molly Rose to him in spring 2004 for a half-Mulassier horse foal.
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