Empress Molly Rose
Our plans for Molly Rose to be bred to Hercule didn't work out last year.  Finances just weren't there.  Billy Adamson has a great Mammoth jack, who is siring champion mule foals, and he offered up B&L Farm's Joe as a possible mate for Molly Rose. 

Above she is only 4 days away from foaling (April 16, 2005) and is showing her grumpy side!
Our big beautiful girl April 20th, right after she gave birth to Princess Winnifred.  She's a very devoted mom, taking extra special care of her baby girl!
Forgive the too-loose halter, it's what made onto her head when she suprized us in foaling 10 days early and with no classic signs!  She has a very nice head, and has passed it along to her mule fillyk Princess Winnifred
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