Spirit is TWO now!
Our giant draft foal is now a giant draft two-year-old.  If you have seen her baby page, you'll recall she is out of our dark bay Percheron mare (WSF Empress Molly Rose) and sired by a gold champagne (Medium cream) American Cream Draft stallion (Ostella's Danny Boy).  "Danny Boy's Moon Spirit" is an amber champagne - champagne coat dilution on a bay base (Ee A_ crcr).  Her only white marking is a tiny crescent moon on her forehead.  Like many champagne horses, her winter coat is lighter than her summer coat.  She also has amber eyes, and pink, freckled skin.  She's standing 15.3hh at 2 years old, and is fairly level right now.  We expect she'll put on another growth spurt here very soon, and finish up her height sometime next year between 16.1 and 16.2hh (Molly Rose is 16 hands).

****4-19-05 - She's right at 16 hands!!!! 

  Hope you enjoy her photos, please visit the other new pages of our other Equines, Bovines, and assorted critters  as well!
Leah & the Posey/Patton Crew!
Spirit says HI everybody! (She has lots of friends on Yahoogroups who have known her since she was born!!!
Chris (Hubby) is 6 foot - Spirit is 15.3 at the withers - that's 63" tall!
Slightly blurry (sorry) but you can see the lovely hazel color of her eye, and the pink skin with darker freckles, one of the indicators of the champagne coloration (the most important indicator, until there is a gene test - is champagne lineage in the pedigree and a verified champagne parent!)

Want to know more about champage horses? 
Click HERE!!!
We think she might even make a good  saddle draft when she's grown...(photo taken March 2005)
Look at the mane on this girl!  And she's got action, too!  Her tail is just a buch of spiral curls.  She should turn heads if she's shown!  (which we would love to do! )
Spirit April 2005, with Myryha (9 years old).  Remember when Myryha was taller than Spirit???
One big, pretty, shiny drafter girl!  No mistaking the amber champagne coloration now!  Note her pink nose, chocolate brown points.  These two photos (Above and below) taken May 11.  Finally, she's balancing out!
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