Those who have passed Over the Rainbow Bridge
and are waiting for us beyond....
Isabeau D'Anjou.  Mustang mare.  Aged 30 when she passed away in Dec 2001.  She was a very sweet horse, the Grand Dame of our herd, and we will never forget her.  
Myryha, the Wind. (aka Myryha-pony.  Yes, she and our daughter share the same name - the horse came first, the kid was named after the mare).  1980 to Jan 4, 2006.  She was an adopted BLM Mustang, we got her in Nov of 1981 when she was about 16 months old.  She was 11 days off of the Nightengale Range in Nevada.  She was a special horse for us, the second horse we had ever owned, the first Mustang, and the first horse we ever trained. She was always the boss horse, even at 25 years old.  All she had to do was lay her ears back and everyone else would hop-to, even the Longhorn bull.  She was old and tired this winter, and was laid to rest on Jan 4th..  We'll miss you, you headstrong old thing. 
Crackers, also a BLM Mustang, and aged 26 this year (2006) joins his long-time pasturemate over the Rainbow Bridge on January 27th.  He died peacefully in his sleep in his own pasture.

He could be a silly thing, but he was a good pony.  Jump and run without that old short stride, little guy. 
Poinsetta, Holly's daughter.  Part border collie, part collie/coyote mix.  Rest in peace, sweet little dog!
Someone wrote a lovely piece about the Rainbow Bridge for animals.  You can view it here
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