Sonata du Capstone, Mulassier Filly
I've wanted a Mulassier (Trait du Poitevin) since I first saw photos of them.  I fell head over heels for this rare breed when I saw them in the flesh in France.  Most people outside of their native region have never heard of them.  I've put up photos and information pages for them for model horse and general equine info groups all over the web. 

I could never afford the import costs, even if there were horse available that could pass the blood tests for importation into the USA.

The Fords of Capstone Ranch are selling their wonderful mare *Merienne, and I have purchased her filly, Sonata.  She's going to be a BIG girl.

She had a leg injury on her near hind at weaning.  The vet who took care of her said it should eventually be normal-looking, and she fairly sound on it (a little short strided at the trot, but certainly not lame).  I'd take her if she had three legs... I have a Mulassier at last!  There are only three known in the USA, and she is the first we know of born on American soil.

Meet Sonata! 
Sonata, Headstudy.  What a pretty face!
Sonata and her little herd - Buster the farm dog (left) and the donkeys in the background (from left to right Angel, her son Rabbit, and Thor, the half-bred Poitou gelding).
My first view of Sonata - she has  a double star on her face!
Sonata at ten months old with my Dad (aka "Grandad") the day we picked her up.
Click here for More Sonata pix taken in March/April

or click HERE for more photos from Nov/Dec 2007
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