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We're still working on integrating her into the herd. She doesn't care, and we got the big mare (Molly Rose) introduced and over her "oh my gosh, they're going to shrink me, too!"  (or maybe, oh no, not another foal...) .  But our mule gelding Curly (WSF Jubilation T) is being a pain, and chases Sonata.  Not needing to overwork her leg, we're keeping her and her "court" of donkeys in one pasture until we decide how to deal with Curly. Anyone interested in a saddle mule that's built like a brick ****house?
We took the girls out of the pasture and into the driveway to make sure we didn't have a circus at intro.  NO circus.  We do, however, appear to have a pretty closely matched pair, at least colorwise!  (Yes it was still pretty muddy after all that rain!) .  Molly Rose has one sock, on her near hind,  Sonata's near hind is her injured leg, and it's covered in curls where her feathers are growing back in kinky-curly.  Other than the fact that Nata is going to be more heavily feathered, they are matched for color almost exactly, and Nata may be a little taller and heavier when grown.  She's just 11 months old in the photo, Molly Rose is about 12.
Myryha has decided Sonata is her special charge, and calls her  her "sister".  So here are my sister girls.  The one in blue and dark with her head down is Sonata.  The one in the red shirt and blue jeans with the grin on her face is Myryha (who is now 11 years old). 
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