November/December 2008 and January 2009

We must take a moment to update some photos, sorry we haven't been able to as much recently.  Busy, busy at work and at home.  We'll try and post more as soon as possible!

Jan 16, 2009, our dear
Molly Rose passed away in her sleep and has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  She apparently took a little friend with her, Myryha's dear little dwarf kitten Silver Kit.
Safe passage to you both, you will be missed. 
Silver Kit  2008-2009.
Molly Rose in Sept 2008.  Over the Rainbow Bridge
Jan 16, 2009 (age approx 20 years).
Molly Rose's lovely daughter Spirit (Danny Boy's Moon Spirit), a registered Amber champagne draft mare.  Spirit will be turning six in 2009.  
Left, Spirit and sister Princess Winnifred. and right,  Thor, our half-Poitou donkey gelding, all in their winter woolies.