1995 and 1996

In 1995 Chris and Leah are married and Chris visits Scarborough for the first time.  He had been a part of SCA in years past, and they met through Amtgard in the summer of 1994.  Scarborough was the next step, and in 1996 daughter Myryha (aka Mischief the Shiprat) made her first SF appearance!  (And then Hawkwood and TRF, too!!!)
1995 - Colleen, Chris, Leah (ah, Marga the Pirate is showing her colors!!!), Dan Bates as Joe Patron, and (Stephen???) the Waterbearer!  God Bless the Waterbearer!!!
Leah, Chris, and Myryha at just 2 months old!  (Born Feb 6).
Queen Anne, King Henry, and Elizabeth??? Myryha in her christening dress, held by the King, (1996)
More photos coming soon as we transfer, scan and upload!!!! 
Baby Myryha meets the Elephant at Hawkwood later in summer of 96.
Miabella (top) and Louisa (seated in top, dancing in lower photo) on the Sa'ida Stage, now Hollyfield stage.  Lower photo, behind Louisa is where the old Catherine (ship stage) was (past the people dining under the tree) and the meadow is strangely empty (now taken up by the new Ship Stage).
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