Etched Model Horses by Shlei (Leah Patton)
Etched NM SM TB to chestnut appaloosa, and Seabiscuit SM to bay Appaloosa - SOLD - thank you to Linda Jensen.
"Princess Leah" - etched PS weanling to blanket appaloosa with full-body roaning.  She was the donation to Red River Live 2004 (Thanks Carmen!!!)  She was auctioned at the show, and went on to win a Championship in the Foal division for her new owner.
Breyer's new Flash to an appaloosa or POA (Pony of the Americas).  Detail above shows his peacock spots, fine hair detail.  Both hind socks now have lightning marks.  He as striped hooved, particolored skin on his muzzle and (gelding) parts.  He has tiny mottling around his eyes, which are now detailed with eye whites and pupils, etc (he had just big black eyes!!!)  The original model had lovely shading and dappling (see above in detail photo) and he's ready to go (Showing as "No Flash N Red Lights") as a halter and/or performance horse or pony.  $75 ppd in the US - ask for quote if in Canada or overseas.   THANKS! 
Etched and enhanced classic Shire, now owned by Carmen Robertson, Gainesville TX .
Jitterbug, (NAN qualified) another version of the etched Shire.  For Sale  $75.
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